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is a manufacture of natural sweets and honey desserts.

Our team is committed to develop natural health products and dedicated to create sweets and desserts according to all international standards. We combine handmade and new technology to create a special and delicious desserts for you.

The product life story

  • No sugar but sweet Our products are without sugar. The natural honey, fruit and the right recipe give a balanced sweet taste.
  • No artificial ingredients We had preserved honey natural quality for a long time to be stored. Fripses, Dried Fruits Paste and Tea are perfect dry and hermetically packed that is why have long expiration time.
  • Bright color - natural ingredients We don’t use artificial dyes, desserts are colored by nature.
  • Here you will satisfy your sweet tooth We have variety of sweet treats. You will find something for yourself and your loved ones.
  • Good for both children and adults The desserts and sweets preserves all nature benefits and taste.


We make desserts that open doors, hearts and start conversations. We are ambitious – our team has been gaining extensive experience and constantly developing since 2017.

The most in our work we value our client. That’s why we make every effort to become better: we develop, test new recipes and ingredients, we look for the perfect balance of taste and texture. And most importantly we love what we do, that’s why our desserts are so delicious.

PROFESSIONALISM We are young and modern. We participate in activities for the exchange of experience, adopt foreign practices and deepen knowledge in various areas: marketing, management and social entrepreneurship, management of safe products in accordance with the international HACCP system. 
ECOLOGY STANDARTS Only natural honey,fruits and selected nuts are included in FrontMed products. We have strict input quality control. The raw materials we buy have all the necessary supporting documents confirming its high quality. 
SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY We take care of the rapid socialization of soldiers and support their families. Currently, 80% of FrontMed employees are retired soldiers and their wives. We work, develop locally and create new job positions for the community. 
INDIVIDUAL APPROACH It is important to provide a good product and make you satisfied. We form both individual gifts and group orders for a large team. We can place your logo, corporate identity elements or add your inscription on the gift sets. 
HANDMADE The desire to create a unique product for you, patience and handwork - this is the uniqueness of our desserts. We pay maximum attention and give a time to each component of ingredients in a jar. Then it becomes even tastier.


FrontMed is a social enterprise and here working ex-combatants АТО and their wives.

  • 2017 The impetus for the establishment of the company was the rehabilitation program of ATO soldiers "School of Social Apitherapy". For 9 weeks, beekeepers shared with us the secrets of honey business.
  • 2018 Set a goal - to promote Ukrainian products and create a brand that will be associated with responsibility and quality - our team has modernized manufacturing processes.
  • Today From the first dessert by now, we improve, gain new knowledge in the business and create safe products.