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Welcome to FrontMed - Where Sweetness Meets Boldness!

Our story:
At FrontMed, founded by ATO soldiers in 2017, we have combined bravery and creativity to bring you more than just desserts, but stories of courage strengthened by the power of nature. Our goal is to give you and your loved ones moments of joy and health through each sweet masterpiece.

Our principles:

Selection of ingredients: At FrontMed, we use only the best honey, fruits and nuts, ensuring the high quality and naturalness of our products. Each ingredient undergoes strict control, guaranteeing you a safe and tasty pleasure.

Social contribution: Our team is not just employees, but real heroes and their families who, together with us, overcome the path to social integration and mutual support. We are proud to be able to provide new perspectives for people, helping them to adapt and develop in a peaceful life.

Personalization: At FrontMed, every gift or order becomes an expression of personal emotions and wishes. From personalized gift sets with your branding to unique desserts, we work to make your special moments unforgettable.

Our mission:
At FrontMed, we don't just create honey desserts; we create bridges between the past, present and future, combining the heroics of our founders with the sweet dreams of our customers. We believe that each of our products is a contribution to a better future, where the taste of life is not overshadowed by past trials, but illuminated by hope and gratitude.

Join our community:
Learn more about our initiatives, news and share your FrontMed stories on social media. Together, we not only make life sweeter, but also fill it with real meaning and contribution to the future.

FrontMed is more than sweets. It is a symbol of courage, recovery and hope.